About Us

Beerd is Bristol's first craft beer & pizza bar, offering an extensive range of local and world beers from artisan and independent breweries, and delicious Italian-style pizzas.

What to expect

An eclectic and colourful bespoke décor makes for a stimulating sensory experience designed to offer beer enthusiasts a point of difference.

Our cask, keg and bottled range will make your mouth water, whether you’re a hops novice or bonafide beer geek!

To accompany your choice of beverage, food is served throughout the day where hungry patrons can tuck into freshly-made, hand-crafted Neapolitan-style pizza or premium bar snacks to match the global beer on offer.

"High-quality pizzas matched by a top-drawer beer range and friendly, efficient service… When it comes to food, Beerd beats many of its craft ale bar contemporaries by several whiskers."

- Bristol Post

Beerd Brewery

Beerd brews are unmistakeably Bristolian but international at heart – mixing up traditional British brewing techniques with global trends, unconventional ingredients, unusual brewing methods and creative flair.

There are some decidedly challenging taste profiles in Beerd’s ever-evolving brewing calendar – from extreme-hopped IPAs to Munich-style Dunkels to super-strength Hefeweizens to Scottish 80 shillings.

The bristling Beerd brewers are on a never-ending quest for the most distinctive and interesting pint, with a multitude of maverick and experimental brews in the works – spend too much time tweaking those whiskers and you’ll miss them!

"Classic Italian style with a twist, a bastion of superb, traditional pizza making with Tuscany-sourced ingredients... Simplicity and exceeding quality shine through in some of the best pizzas and salads in the city."

- ★★★★★ TimeOut Bristol